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1 May 2017


Miami Art Scene™ is an influential, results-driven marketing powerhouse deeply immersed within the global visual arts community. We are Miami’s No.1 Art Blog, a leading news portal covering local, national and international artists, art venues and information.

We offer marketing, advertising & publicity opportunities to individuals, companies and brands that we believe are a good fit for our target audience. If you would like more information, including audience demographics, psychographics, site traffic and rankings, please request our Media Kit via Once you have reviewed our Media Kit, please contact us to discuss available options.

Our network reaches a massive and potent, niche market within the art & design industries and related trades, which consists of an extensive group of high net worth individuals and entities worldwide. Services include heavy cross promotion through our various networks, partners, affiliate art blogs and art news sites that share our coverage and circulate our material to increase distribution. 

Miami Art Scene™ obtains powerful results for our clients by providing the type of exposure and visibility that translates into increases in brand equity, profitability, sales, brand recognition and awareness. We pride ourselves in delivering these results and creating impact-driven and engaging communications.